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Ben S

Posted by Adam on May 17, 2016
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Adam is really great both as a person and a realtor. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the style and architecture of the houses I looked at. To the point that an off hand comment from him about the layout of the house I ended up buying turned into my initial plan for my first phase of remodeling on the house. He was also able to tell me a lot about style of houses and what would fit well and what wouldn’t mased on the year a house was built and how it was laid out which was a HUGE help as a first time home buyer.

He is also very responsive. There was more than one time that I sent him an email at noon something to the effect of: “hey adam can we take a look at these three places tomorrow after work?” and he would get the showings set up.

I really don’t think I can understate how pleased I was to work with Adam. All of my friends have already gotten his name as the go to guy for when they are looking at houses. That’s about all I’ve got. Adam is great, you won’t be disappointed if you choose him.