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Brian & Meghan D

Posted by Adam on June 1, 2016
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I got in contact with Adam through Facebook about a year before I actively started looking for a house. I told Adam at that time that I wasn’t quite ready but that it was in my plans for the next year or so. Adam didn’t rush me or try to explain what a great time to buy it was (which it was). Adam just simply said “That’s great! I’m ready to help you as soon as you are ready.” Adam was in touch periodically over the next year just to touch base and see where I was with my plans. Once I decided to start looking at houses, Adam was right there with information that helped to get me started. My plans had changed slightly as I had someone else in my life that was in this venture with me. We met up to discuss what I was looking for specifically and Adam set up times to start looking at the houses we liked. It was difficult to find times that my girlfriend and I could look at houses together as our work schedules are so different but Adam knew exactly what to do. I went with Adam because I had a lot of available time and I knew what my girlfriend and I were looking for. Adam showed me houses that we had picked as our favorites and I decided on a few that I knew we both would like. Then all three of us looked at those houses together. It really helped to save time and effort to cross off the houses I knew we wouldn’t be interested in. After we had seen a dozen or so houses, we found one that we really liked and we put an offer on it. Adam immediately made himself available to complete the offer paperwork and get the offer in. We were not the winning offer on that house but Adam helped us along by showing us that there is more than one home out there that we would love! Adam took us outside of our comfort zone and started showing us houses that were priced a little above what we originally said but were exaclty the type of home we were looking for. Adam knew that with a little negotiation that we could actually get those homes for a price that was within our range. The next home we put an offer on was priced about $10,000 above our top dollar and we got the home for $2,000 under our top dollar. Adam was right there for us throughout the mortgage application process and was diligent about making sure that it was a relatively seamless process. Now we are all moved in and we are absolutely loving this house! It is all thanks to Adam that we are in such a great home! I have asked multiple of my friends who are in the home buying process who their realtor is and no matter if they like him/her or not, I always tell them about Adam and give them his number just in case…. I would recommend Adam to anyone! I will always use Adam as my realtor.